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Short Stories

The Colour Of Kisses 22 September 2005
A vampire, a mortal - and a romance.
Face Of An Angel 3 December 2004
A short dark fantasy about angels.
That Other Cold Feeling 12 November 2004
Death in cold places.
The Last Original Title 11 July 2004
A lightly humerous story. How many titles can there really be?
The Gunship In His Head 30 June 2004
A dark vision of the future in a peaceful society.
Between These Walls 18 May 2004
Worship the rocks.
The Museum 24 February 2004
A disturbing look at prisons of the future.
The Feel Good Factor 23 February 2004
Short sci-fi in a world of controlled emotions.
Try The Waffles 12 January 2004
A comic story about God, waffles and coffee.
The Song Inside 12 January 2004
Isn't there a song inside us all?
Beasts And Demons 12 January 2004
Can science really show us what God does?
Still 22 November 2003
Very short atmospheric peace with a vampiric (but not bloody) theme.
The Graves Of Tomorrow 10 June 2003
Who tends the graves of the living?
Terracotta 18 March 2003
Drugs and vampires.
Beyond Pale 18 September 2001
Even Death has a beginning.
The Gift 28 August 2001
Ultra-short sci-fi comedy snippet.
The Deceitful Hand 27 August 2001
An ultra short test passage; insert your own plot.
The Difference of One 6 May 2001
Sometimes great disasters produce the most unique viewpoints.
Moonlit Love 11 February 2001
A short, romantic vampire interlude.
Dance Darkly, My Dear 24 November 2000
Even vampires want to have fun, and so we follow one living it up in the fanciest nightclub in town...
With Wings of Beauty and Death 7 September 2000
When myths collide at the end of the world.
Fascination 15 June 2000
Pleasant conversation over dinner in a fancy restaurant. But slightly odd company.
The Modern Vampire 14 June 2000
My first story. Vampire life in the 20th century.
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