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The Gift

"It's um... neat. Yeah. Really neat."

She found herself somewhat confused as to what to make of it. She held the small, squidgy bundle in her hands and watched as translucent green slimed dripped onto the carpet. Two big black alien eyes looked up past serrated mandibles at her, and the creature wriggled slightly in her grasp. 10 little feet made quiet suction noises as they touched against her skin. She shifted her grip and was rewarded with a contented series of squeeks, "Cooo bla a kehy nah..."

"You like it?" He bounced slightly on the spot, excited that she might like the present. The creature turned and watched the small movements, head gently following the motion as the mandibles slowly opened and closed.

"Well, it's, ah... Clive, what is it?"

"It's a Leviathus Worm from Centauri 5. I thought you could keep it as a pet; give it a name, that sort of thing. Y'know? Call it 'Spot' or something."

"Spot..." she said, as the soft bundle nuzzled itself endearingly against her blouse. Green slime stuck to the white fabric and oozed slowly down her stomach. She wondered what to do next. She didn't even know what it ate. It was certainly a different present though; she couldn't deny that.

"Um..." she said.

A tiny slurping noise interrupted her, followed by a brief moment of silence, then a sudden whoosh as a jet of yellow-green slime flew out of the creature's mouth and hit Clive's suit with a splat. A thin trail of slime ran down into the suit pocket, as Spot produced a single quiet cough. The black eyes blinked slowly.

"'Spot', you say? Okay; Spot it is then." She pulled the bundle close to her, being careful to aim the mouth away from her face, and gave it a hug. Sure, it wasn't exactly a kitten, but she couldn't fault its aim when it sneezed.

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