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Book of Souls

"What's this?" She pointed with a slender finger at a thin book squeezed between two larger tomes.

He leaned past her and pulled the book from the shelf, handing it to her. "That's the Book of Souls."

She held the small volume in her hands. It felt light compared to the other books, and significantly smaller. "Why is it so much smaller than the other books? It's a completely different size." She opened the deep blue cover and flicked through the crisp white pages. Faint shimmers of blue and white light flickered and played across the virgin paper.

"Everyone has a soul; it is their essence, their being, the core of what they are. Usually they carry it with them at all times, in their body. Some have a soul that is near the surface and easy to see; others have it hidden away."

She giggled slightly as a swirl of curious blue light spiralled up to her thumb where it met the page, twirled around it, and then drifted away, fading back into the white parchment. She closed the book gently.

"That's strange; I could have sworn some people I've met really had no soul."

He took the book from her and carefully slotted it back in the shelf. A faint trail of white and blue light briefly ran out across the neighbouring books before sliding back into the blue book cover. He smiled slightly as her own blue light briefly flared in her eyes.

"Everyone has a soul; when you say that a person does not, that is only because they do not carry their soul with them. Instead it is kept here, within this book. That is why it is so thin; the book stores so very few souls."

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