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Book of Self

She took the book he offered and held it in her hands. The uneven cover felt warm and soft to her touch. She traced her finger across the rough surface.

As she did so, fine gold lettering gracefully flowed into existence. It glinted in the faint lighting, in stark contrast to the deep green of the cover. The lettering flowed and swirled into familiar words. She gasped quietly.

"But this book has my name!" She looked quickly from the book, to him, and then back again. The book sat quiet and unassuming in her hands.

He gestured quickly at the book. "This book defines you. Everything about you; everything that makes you who you are." He tapped the cover by the title. "This book, to all intents and purposes, is you."

She gingerly opened the cover and turned a few pages. Surprise registered on her face as she realised the text was not in English; at least, it was not all in English. Occasional words and phrases that she recognised appeared in the text, but not enough to derive any meaning from it. She frowned slightly as she puzzled over the unrecognised words. Each page was the same jumble of nonsense.

"I can't read it," she said, looking up at him. "Why can't I read it?"

He looked at her slightly quizzically, before laughing softly. "But really, my dear - how well did you think you understood yourself?"

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